Job Description of Human Rights Connectors


In order to create the momentum needed to push this forward we need to organize collaborative initiatives around the country. That's where you come in! You will choose between the Humanitarian, Political or Artistic Initiatives and will be responsible for getting people to come out to these events or to sign up for virtual meetings. 


You will call, canvass, or connect with people on social media to get them to commit to joining a meeting up either virtually or in person at these transformative movements. If you are doing phone calls or social media outreach you can do this from home. If you choose to canvass then we will provide you with turf close to your community. 


This is a volunteer initiative and we want to make sure we complete the necessary work to be done. There are expectations about number of people you need to reach out to in these hours and actual people committed to the initiative! There is no experience needed as we will provide a virtual training on Mondays and Tuesday of every week to ensure success and keep you updated with the movements. 


Humanitarian Initiatives

  • Detention Center Block-Offs / Sit-Ins

  • Jail/ Prison Sit-Ins

  • Homeless Communities Sit-Ins

  • Hospital Sit-Ins

  • Factory Farm Sit-Ins

  • Plantation/ Indigenous Land Sit-Ins

  • Hood Sit-Ins


Political Initiatives

  • City Hall Meeting Sit-In

  • Court House Sit- In

  • Capitol Building Sit In

  • White House Sit-In 


Artistic Initiatives

  • Up and Coming Artist ( DJ’s, Rappers, Poets, Singers, Painters, Sculptors, Muralist, Dancers, Authors) to perform at these Sit-ins

  • Fashion Designers, Vegan Chefs, Fitness Gurus will have pop up shops around the area

  • Photographers, Videographers, and Media outlets will be invited 



We're looking for dedicated people to become human rights connectors.

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