What's Going On?


All humans are born with a specific set of natural rights. Until now, these rights have never been thoroughly communicated in any piece of official legislation.  At this moment in history, the United States Government is clouded by profits, power and historical precedent; and was never designed to serve the entirety of people in this country.  The Human Code is a system of governance that sets up a balanced, democratic society with indispensable freedoms and guarantees rights and liberties to all living things.  


The principles of The Human Code must be included in the development of the new world if we are to ensure the wellbeing of all humans.  We must create tangible plans to build long-term, collective communities in which there all humans are valued and treated equitably.   By doing so, a culture can exist where there is compromise, listening, mindfulness, peace, harmony, laughter and LOVE.  Teams of professionals will help overlay the fabric of human fundamental rights that will bring this country into the next evolution of humankind.


The only way to do this is to push The Human Code as a national agenda, starting by getting it into the minds of millions of community members across the country.  The best way for you to get involved RIGHT NOW in this venture of love taking over the earth is to join The Movement Network powered by Me The People as a dedicated Human Rights Connector.  


By joining us you will help organize transformational movements throughout the world and promote The Human Code as lifestyle and mindset. So let’s change the world!