The Human Code

The Human Code is a foundation formed to advance the public understanding and responsible use of the genome. The first project undertaken was printing for the first time the genome of a person. This was shown in the 2016 TED talk by Riccardo Sabatini.
The Human Code printing constitutes 262,000 pages spread over 175 volumes, each of 1,600 pages each. The project was done in collaboration with Lulu with design by Caterina Falleni and Awake.
  • The Book

    The book from the TED Talk is available to buy:

  • The Collection

    The complete collection comprises 175 volumes and is available for museums and personal collections. All proceeds from the sales go to the foundation. Please make inquiries to


The Human Code was founded by Bruno Bowden in 2016. Bruno invited Riccardo Sabatini to speak at TED and collaborated on his talk, including printing the 175 volumes listed online.
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Bruno Bowden